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HOPE Nehemiah Action 2014

In the tradition of Prophet Nehemiah, HOPE members listen to hear the cries of the people. We get emotionally angry, concerned and stirred up about what we hear. We then meet to plan and research prioritized problems and identify potential solutions. A large public meeting, "the Nehemiah Action", is then called to engage decision makers face-to-face with the community to implement the long-term solutions in the systems that can tackle the problems and secure a greater degree of justice and fairness in Hillsborough County.

The Parable of Hope

There once was a great city with a large river running through it. One day the member of a congregation was walking beside the river and heard persons in the middle of the river calling for help. The member dragged many persons to safety before collapsing exhausted on the bank. While the member lay panting upon the bank, many other persons were swept out to the sea and drowned. The member took the tired, wet, and sick persons she had rescued to the congregation where they received much care.

The congregation sent more people down to the river and found that every day persons were falling into the river. The other congregations in the city also helped pull persons from the river. They worked together to care for those rescued. All this took a lot of energy and soon the rescuers and their resources were exhausted.

One day the congregations held a joint meeting to discuss the situation. One of the members said, "We have worked hard and rescued many persons and that has been good. But, it will be an endless task until we go upstream and find out why persons are falling in".

Going upstream to the source of the problem is the task of HOPE!

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HOPE's mission is to promote justice, fairness, and the dignity of people, by engaging and training hundreds of people to responsibly and successfully act together to hold officials accountable to improve the systems affecting the quality of life in our communities. We do that by identifying common community problems, researching solutions, and then publicly engaging officials for commitments to implement those solutions.

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