Systemic Bias in Policing


Over the past several years, we have heard many stories of HOPE members or their loved ones who have experienced unnecessary stops by law enforcement because of the color of their skin. They are pulled over for no reason and are let go without an explanation, warning, citation, or arrest. Many shared about their fear

Monitoring Affordable Housing Fund


Monitoring the County's HOPE Affordable Housing Act Hillsborough County Families Cannot Afford their Homes. Affordability is no more than 30% of income being spent on housing costs. Over 200,000 families (40%) pay more than 30% in housing costs in Hillsborough County. 104,540 families (20%) in Hillsborough pay 50% or more on housing;

Monitoring Civil Citations for Youth


Juvenile Justice: Civil Citations In 2014, HOPE members started working together to reduce youth arrests by increasing the number of misdemeanor offenses eligible for a youth civil citation in the Juvenile Arrest Avoidance Program policy. At that time, Hillsborough had only a 30% youth civil citation usage rate, thereby arresting 1,050 children

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