Making Hillsborough County a better place to live, work, and do business!

Since 1988, HOPE has brought together diverse congregations of different faiths, race and ethnicity, and economic backgrounds to work side by side in improving our community. Annually, we gather over 1,200 people at our Nehemiah Action to hold local officials accountable for long-term changes to tackle serious problems plaguing thousands of families in our community.

Our Investment Drive is an incredibly important part of what we do.

Individuals involved in HOPE, along with other supporters, invest their personal finances in the organization in order to demonstrate their sense of ownership and to keep the work going. We seek to build financial self-sufficiency so the organization is not dependent on grants and other outside sources of income. We intentionally use the word “invest” (rather than “donate” or “contribute”) because when you invest in something, you expect a return. HOPE is proud that its accomplishments on solving critical community problems result in specific, systemic changes that impact the lives of thousands of people in Hillsborough County, and which save the community millions of dollars and bring millions of additional dollars into the community.

An investment in HOPE is an investment in our community.

An investment can be made in the following ways:

Invest by Online

To do a one-time payment (free of service fees):

To set up monthly or yearly installments — please put your congregation name in the memo (takes 2.2% in transaction fees):

Invest by Check

Make check out to “HOPE“, write your congregation or business name on memo line, and send to:

 HOPE at 5103 N. Central Ave. Tampa, FL 33603

HOPE is funded in three ways:

Individual and Business Investments

Membership Dues from Congregations

Non-Governmental Grants

You also could hel

Volunteering with HOPE makes creating change in our community possible!