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OUR ACTIONS: How we make change happen

HOPE’s largest event in the year is our Nehemiah Action, where we bring together over 1,000 people to stand face-to face with our decision makers. In the presence of our people we ask them to commit to make necessary policy changes that will positively impact the issues impacting our families.

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HOPE is monitoring the use of the County’s HOPE Affordable Housing Act of $10 million annually to ensure the funds to families and seniors with low and very low incomes.

Mental Health

Hope is working to ensure people with mental illness and substance use disorder have access to needed services. 

Civil Citation for Youth

HOPE continues to organize to reduce the arrests of our children by getting decision makers to expand the use of the Civil Citation/Arrest Avoidance Program in our county by implementing a secondary eligibility screening so that more children can be diverted from the criminal justice system.

Systemic Bias in Policing

Over the past several years, we have heard many stories of HOPE members or their loved ones who have experienced unnecessary stops by law enforcement because of the color of their skin. They are pulled over for no reason and are let go without an explanation, warning, citation, or arrest. HOPE is working to address systemic bias in policing.

Health Care

HOPE is organizing to increase in-home and community-based services for the growing population of seniors, especially low-income seniors across the county.