A Message from HOPE


We are deeply disturbed and saddened by the recent events revealing the systemic problems of racism and policing that continue to plague minorities and people of color. The protests in cities across our nation, including our own, serve to remind us how crucial the work of justice ministry continues to be

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2020 Justice Ministry Celebration


HOPE Justice Ministry Celebration Our families, community, nation and world continue to go through tragic times, yet it was inspiring for HOPE leaders to gather for a deeply meaningful virtual Justice Ministry Celebration! The testimonies from our own members, as well as Florida State Representative Dianne Hart, Mr. Elliott Steele - the

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HOPE for Housing in Hillsborough County


Every Person Deserves a Safe, Affordable Place to Call Home We have great news on our Affordable Housing Campaign! On 5-20-20, the Board of County Commission unanimously approved the use of $12,610,563 of the local funding from the HOPE Affordable Housing Act to go to projects by Catholic Charities, University Area CDC, and

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Stop the Unnecessary Arrests of Children


Campaign to Stop Unnecessary Arrests of Children Though we were not able to physically meet this Nehemiah Action and do justice together, we can still virtually make an impact. HOPE collaborated with 10 other Florida sister organizations to stop the arrests of children, preventing lifelong arrest records for over 23,000 children

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April 20 HOPE Justice Ministry Update


HOPE Justice Ministry Update April 20th was to be HOPE's 2020 Nehemiah Action with 1400 people engaging 8 public officials face-to-face to act on local justice issues. This is the first time in 30 years we won't have an action -- we will miss the buzzing energy of 1,000+ people from throughout

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Nehemiah Action


Nehemiah Action HOPE’s largest event in the year is our Nehemiah Action, where we bring together over 1,000 people to stand face-to face with our decision makers. In the presence of our people we ask them to commit to make necessary policy changes that will positively impact the issues impacting our families. The Nehemiah

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