What Value Do You Find in HOPE?


Every summer, we take time to reflect on what HOPE means to us. What value do you find in being involved? Having a voice in the community? Being a part of a diverse group working together? Living out our call to do justice? You or a loved one are impacted

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Celebrate with HOPE


Celebrate with HOPE! It was great to join with you at our Celebration on Monday at The Portico to fellowship with each other, celebrate our work together and those that make it happen, hear inspiring words about the importance of the ministry, and invest financially in it to help sustain

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2022 HOPE Nehemiah Action


Last Fall, HOPE member congregations conducted 50 Listening Meetings to hear people's concerns and experiences around community problems. At our October 25 Convention, over 400 leaders voted to prioritize 4 areas for research: Reducing Adult Arrests for Minor Offenses Addressing Racial Profiling Increasing Access to Quality Mental Health Services Addressing

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Investing in HOPE


HOPE's 2021 Investment Drive Every summer, HOPE begins its investment drive, which allows us to continue the work of justice and transform Hillsborough County year after year. HOPE trains and coordinates hundreds of leaders every year to listen to community problems, research long-term solutions, and build the power of people

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What has HOPE been up to?


What has HOPE been up to? It’s been a busy summer for HOPE leaders, so we want to share with you lots of exciting updates! Racial Profiling After our March 22 Nehemiah Action with over 2,000 leaders and local decision makers, we

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2021 HOPE Nehemiah Action


In Hillsborough County, we have HOPE for Justice! On March 22, HOPE united over 2,000 members from across Hillsborough County to address Criminal Justice Reform and Mental Health Reform. Despite it being HOPE's first virtual Nehemiah Action, it was a powerful and successful event. Thank you to all of the HOPE clergy

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HOPE’s 32nd Annual Convention


HOPE's 32nd Annual Convention It was powerful and inspiring to have over 400 leaders from across Hillsborough County unite virtually on Zoom for HOPE’s 32nd Annual Convention. We know the past seven months have been overwhelming and stressful for many, so we continue to be encouraged by all who show

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2020 HOPE Investment Drive


HOPE 2020 Investment Drive Every year, HOPE carries out an Investment Drive as one of our 3 annual processes (Listening, Research-to-Action, Investment Drive). This enables us to continue doing the work of justice and transforming Hillsborough County. An investment in HOPE is an investment in our community! HOPE does

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Call to Action to Stop Arresting Children


Statewide Call to Action to Stop Arresting Children On July 9th, over 460 leaders from 11 countywide DART Justice Ministry Organizations across Florida gathered virtually for a Call to Action to Stop Arresting Children. There were at least 112 HOPE leaders present on the call -- way to go HOPE! We united

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Are You Registered to Vote?


We believe that democratic participation is crucial to a healthy community. As citizens, it is our responsibility to elect leaders and hold them accountable to ensure fairness and justice in our communities. So, here are important dates and deadlines coming up in Hillsborough County elections: 2020 Primary Election* Deadline to register

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