Every summer, we take time to reflect on what HOPE means to us. What value do you find in being involved?

Having a voice in the community?
Being a part of a diverse group working together?
Living out our call to do justice?
You or a loved one are impacted by one of our focus areas and you want to do something about it?
Participating in the democratic process?

Perhaps it’s all of the above!

Whatever brings us to the table, it’s important we invest in it. Our investment in HOPE allows us to continue this work year after year. 86% of our budget is locally raised – by individuals, businesses, and membership dues. HOPE does not accept government money because we hold decision makers accountable and must remain independent.

So far, we’ve raised $62,000 from individual investors with a goal of $90,000. Every dollar counts! Please consider personally investing in this important work to help us reach our goal. HOPE enables us to come together to build community, faithfully respond to the call to do justice, and make Hillsborough a better place to live for all. You are vital to making that happen! You share your stories and concerns about the community, vote to prioritize which community problems we work on, research long-term solutions, build our power to achieve changes by holding decision makers accountable, and financially invest in the organization.

Click Here to Invest in the Work of HOPE

We also have received $47,500 from local businesses! Thank you to the following businesses who have invested in HOPE so far this year: Blue Sky Communities, First Horizon Foundation, PAR, Raymond James Bank, Suncoast Credit Union, and Third Federal Savings and Loan Foundation. We appreciate your support!