Celebrate with HOPE!

It was great to join with you at our Celebration on Monday at The Portico to fellowship with each other, celebrate our work together and those that make it happen, hear inspiring words about the importance of the ministry, and invest financially in it to help sustain and grow the organization. We had over 80 in person and over 100 on Zoom. Thank you to all who participated!

We celebrated progress made on Affordable Housing

In 2019, after a six-year campaign, we got all county commissioners to establish the HOPE Affordable Housing Fund, which puts at least $10 million annually to construct and rehab more affordable housing for low and very low-income families and seniors.

Tour of Sabal Place Apartments with HOPE leaders

Groundbreaking ceremony of Uptown Sky Apartments with HOPE leaders

It’s so exciting to see our work making an impact in Hillsborough County!

We celebrated progress made on Addressing Flooding and Pollution

We got a commitment at our Nehemiah Action from City Council Member Citro to identify five stormwater drainage ponds and enhance them using proven green infrastructure in order to address flooding and pollution in vulnerable communities.

We celebrated progress made on Criminal Justice Reform

We got commitments at our Nehemiah Action from local criminal justice decision makers to reduce adult arrests for minor offenses and racial profiling.

Since 2015, we have been working to reduce youth arrests. Bit by bit over the years, we’ve gotten criminal justice decision makers to expand access to the civil citation program so children can get a second chance and avoid a lifelong arrest record. It’s exciting to see 800 fewer children arrested each year because of our work!

We celebrated progress made on Mental Health

We’ve made great progress on getting a Recovery-Through-Work Clubhouse established in Hillsborough County, which will provide social support, job training, and supportive employment for people with severe mental illness. $1.6 million has been allotted to the renovation and the first year of operation of the clubhouse. It is expected to be open within the next year.

We also celebrated commitments from three county commissioners to develop a plan to create 500 units of permanent supportive housing for people with mental illness.

Recovery-Through-Work Clubhouse

Funding for Hillsborough’s Recovery-Through-Work Clubhouse

Permanent Supportive Housing

Thank you to everyone who has given there time and talents to make Hillsborough County a more just community — where justice rolls like a mighty stream!