HOPE’s 2021 Investment Drive

Every summer, HOPE begins its investment drive, which allows us to continue the work of justice and transform Hillsborough County year after year. HOPE trains and coordinates hundreds of leaders every year to listen to community problems, research long-term solutions, and build the power of people to hold decision makers accountable to implement these changes.

HOPE’s budget is comprised of investments from individuals, businesses, and congregation membership dues. We do not accept government money because we are holding decision makers accountable for the fair treatment of community members.

What do you get when you invest in HOPE?

  • Participate in a diverse, interfaith organization
  • Have a voice in the community
  • Make long-term changes in the areas of Affordable Housing, Criminal Justice, Mental Health, etc.
  • Participate in the democratic process by holding decision makers accountable
  • Respond to the call to do justice
  • And more!

An investment in HOPE is an investment in the community!


So far, we’ve raised 84% of our goal for individual investments!

Thank you to everyone who has invested in HOPE so far this year!

If you have not invested yet, there is still time!


So far, we’ve raised 92% of our goal for corporate investments!

Thank you to the following businesses who have invested so far this year in the work of HOPE:

Family Practice Center of Brandon


Blue Sky Communities

Third Federal S&L

Raymond James

Cadence Bank

Suncoast Credit Union

South State Bank

Iberia Bank


Sam’s Club 6401

Walmart 3463

Walmart 925

Thank you to everyone who has invested their time, talents, and treasures into the HOPE Justice Ministry. Because of you, HOPE can continue to transform Hillsborough County into the beloved community it is intended to be.