HOPE 2020 Investment Drive

Every year, HOPE carries out an Investment Drive as one of our 3 annual processes (Listening, Research-to-Action, Investment Drive). This enables us to continue doing the work of justice and transforming Hillsborough County. An investment in HOPE is an investment in our community!

Did you know?

HOPE does not accept government grants or United Way funds. We are solely funded through individual investments, corporate investments, congregation membership dues, and limited non-government grants.

We are excited to announce so far this year we have raised $67,000 in individual investments! We are deeply appreciative for everyone who has taken ownership for our justice work by personally investing in the HOPE Justice Ministry. Because of you, Hillsborough County will have more affordable housing, more seniors will have in-home services, more children will get a second chance through the civil citations diversion program, and more law enforcement will be trained in Crisis Intervention Training, and we will continue to create the beloved community God intends.

If you have not had a chance to invest yet and would like to, please click the Invest Now button below or send a check made out to HOPE to 5103 N Central Ave., Tampa, FL 33603.

Invest Now