Every Person Deserves a Safe, Affordable Place to Call Home

We have great news on our Affordable Housing Campaign! On 5-20-20, the Board of County Commission unanimously approved the use of $12,610,563 of the local funding from the HOPE Affordable Housing Act to go to projects by Catholic Charities, University Area CDC, and New Vision Communities. It is exciting to see the money we fought for for six years finally go out to affordable housing projects in our community.
Commissioners Overman, Smith and Kemp, the Commissioners who spoke in support of the item, all mentioned HOPE, in their comments — thanking us for the money even being there and that it’s important to us to see where the money for funding is coming from, who it is going to, the income levels it is serving, etc. The HOPE Affordable Housing Committee will continue to monitor the use of the HOPE Affordable Housing Fund money.
Great job, HOPE! We have moved the county forward to fund the creation of hundreds of new and decent housing units for working families and seniors with very low and low incomes.
See the 7-minute clip from the BOCC meeting and a Tampa Bay Times article on the establishment of the HOPE Affordable Housing Fund to the right.