Campaign to Stop Unnecessary Arrests of Children

Though we were not able to physically meet this Nehemiah Action and do justice together, we can still virtually make an impact.

HOPE collaborated with 10 other Florida sister organizations to stop the arrests of children, preventing lifelong arrest records for over 23,000 children across Florida, with at least 800 children in Hillsborough County annually.

Florida SB1392 that we helped pass requires law enforcement to state why they arrested a child when eligible for a civil citation. Last year, 5,886 children who were eligible for a civil citation were arrested; yet for 4,259 of those cases, “no reason available or provided” was the reason given — this is not a reason. In Hillsborough County, last year for the arrests of 325 children, no reason was provided.

We want the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) to ensure a legitimate reason is reported by removing this option or have it automatically become a civil citation.

HOPE, along with the 10 other Florida sister organizations launched a 2-week email campaign to the Secretary of DJJ.

Together, we sent over 1,000 emails. HOPE sent 585 emails over the last two weeks — way to go!

After refusing to meet with the Florida DART organizations for 4 months, we now have a meeting scheduled with the Secretary of the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Thank you to all who participated in our email campaign to stop the unnecessary arrests of children across Florida!

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